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the alrighty lord

“oh, almighty Scrum Master in the sky, what should we do?” “don’t ask me, I just facilitate the process”

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Agile toons part 1

As part of Agile week here is the first batch of Agile cartoons. They were made with a leaky ballpoint pen in one session (except three writing errors that were fixed and an autograph that was added to all toons). I must admit I’ve made better cartoons (better sketches too), but still: nine cartoons in 22 minutes is … Continue reading →

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Agile cartoons

Second post of the day! I had a workshop about Agile development (including an Agile Foundation exam). It was an inspiration for several cartoons. So as part of ‘woensdag cartoondag’ here they are: So that’s cartoon wednesday done. I don’t expect to do this many cartoons every wednesday.

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