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Shaving a Yak for Christmas

A few months ago I acquired a Commodore128 computer. An old 8 bit computer from the 80’s.┬áIt came with a Star NX-10C dot matrix printer, which I didn’t really know what to do with. But with the coming holidays┬áI thought it would be fun to print some Christmas greeting cards with it. I thought it … Continue reading →

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Last Christmas

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christmas card

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Small Helsing update

I was not satisfied with the graphics I had for my second level. I knew I had to do better. A resolution of 320×200 is very low, but I thought about what games like ‘head over heels’ could do with that and I knew that even a pixelart noob like me, could do a lot … Continue reading →

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And now international

I must admit, this version is a lot more obvious than the first, even for Dutch people. In hindsight I should have used Sinterklaas, not Zwarte Piet for the Dutch version. For people who haven’t got a clue, what I’m talking about, an explanation can be found here: http://flash.goerp.nl/secretsanta/index.html

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