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Goerp reloaded

Academia esthetics has used one of my cartoons (originally made for Europass). It’s one of my favorite cartoons and I think the blog is really interesting. The blog doesn’t update very often so it’s pretty easy to stay up to date (especially if you’re on tumblr, like I am). You can see the article here: http://academicaesthetics.tumblr.com/post/143886464482/the-curriculum-vitae  

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just sketching away on the couch I made this and liked it enough to post, so there

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lap drawing part 2

this one is based on an idea from my girlfriend    

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Goerp in the wild

If you are in Groningen, the Netherlands the next few days you might see posters like this one: I made the cartoon for this poster for ‘Noordertest’. It’s an event where organisations share their knowlegde about software testing (http://www.nnot.nl/index.php/noordertest). They have some nice lecturess as well, so I think I will be there next thursday. … Continue reading →

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When the early bird becomes the late bird

  ‘Negatief reisadvies‘ from the ‘NBvV‘

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No pictures of home on your desk

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This will have to do

Experimenting a bit with a spilt screen on my C64 SuperHires viewer. Here’s a cartoon with the standard C64 font. The font is not great. But for now this will have to do.      

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Where’s Wally?

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Occupational disability

  this joke is probably done before, but I don’t care! It’s my website and I’m lame if I want to, lame if I want to! (you would be too, if it happened to you)

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new C64 drawing

Because my cartoons are usually quite simple and single color, I figured I could make them for suitable for the Commodore 64 too. Here’s a first try. It’s made with Timanthes on the PC and exported for C64, because how much I still like the C64, I am not going to draw with a joystick … Continue reading →

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