Something a man could never do ..

The way to a man's heart. Cartoon of a woman with her arm stuck in a man's throat asking a girlfriend on the phone where to go after the stomach.

A little post-Valentine’s silliness.

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The munchies

Unbeknownst to many, Munch started his career working for an advertising firm

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Perplexed hex

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The joy of work

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Bath time

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Hell of a competition

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Ho ho holidays

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No brain cells harmed …

I didn’t think about how hard it would be to emulate pixel art with water colours.

No wonder this kickstarter has more than enough backing:

water color pixel art kickstarter

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The reindeer turned out much too dark and there are quite a few pencil strokes left, but I like it enough not to redraw it.

I did try to erase the last pencil strokes, but some undried part made an enormous smudge, so that was not an improvement.

Good thing I take pictures before I start colouring or do other improvements.

Photo of the same drawing in an earlier stage, colored and lettered afterwards on my phone.

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