Leaving Facebook

Leaving facebook: before
Leaving facebook: before
Leaving facebook: after
Leaving facebook: after

A few years ago I joined Facebook as a means to promote my cartoons. I disliked it from the start but started it to hate it more and more.

Facebook is in my view nothing more than a blog space combined with a phone book (and where you can’t phone anyone unless you buy the phone book).

It also doesn’t work as a way to promote my cartoons (maybe because they are not share-worthy enough) and Facebook starts to make all things outside Facebook invisble, so I doubt there will be more traffic on my site (half of the traffic to my site disappeared since I installed a firewall anyway) but it still feels good.

So I decided to try and use the time I used to spend on Facebook (and the time freed by not having to navigate their terrible website) to make more cartoons.
I used to view Facebook during breakfast so the cartoons I DO make during breakfast are hand drawn without computers (although I did correct a typo in the last cartoon on the computer).


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