North by northtest

Noordertest, the yearly event for software testers of big IT organisations in the North of the Netherlands, is in two weeks. October 19th to be exact. They’re also celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Once again they asked me to draw some cartoons for their posters.

As per usual I’m posting some photos of the posters and some ideas that didn’t make it. I’ve added captions with a translation.

“when Noordertest started we still learned testing from a book”
“of course, grandad”
“we’d love to work agile, but they keep finding bugs!”
“Ten years of Noordertest!”
“Come quickly while it’s still done by humans!”

And here are two that didn’t make it:

“I don’t care you hate the word, we are getting a buggy!”
“What is it Lassie?
You found a bug?

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