The ‘C’ stands for cat

the c stands for cat

Lately I’ve been in the mood for non-digital pen drawings. The problem I have with those drawings is that there is no ‘undo’. For lettering that’s not a big deal. I think the ‘post-production’  digital lettering has a charm of its own.

But shading or colouring is more problematic. I like the quick sloppy strokes I do by hand but they’re hardly ever good in one take (technically they’re never good, but I don’t go for technically good). And messing up means doing it all over again.
I could make copies, but that’s a hassle too.

Two days ago I came up with another idea: I had a plastic wrapping lying about and I have some whiteboard markers. I can wrap the plastic around the drawing and colour with the markers on the plastic. It turns out that works very well!

Colouring gives a sort of watercolour effect, which I like and wiping works great. At the moment I only have a few standard harsh colours, but I’m planning to buy more (especially greys).
Here are some pictures ‘ behind the scenes’ :

The wrapping after use: wiped clean. Better than ‘format C:’

You have to make sure, the plastic wrapping is positioned correctly. If not you get this. But it gives good insight in the process.

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