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How’s that for a review?

Praise for ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’: ‘Dumbest thing I’ve played since Goat Simulator’ – Obsolete Entertainment Watch the complete gameplay review here:

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Ludum Dare 30 + solution

The previous weekend was another Ludum Dare weekend. Although I found it tough, I’m pretty pleased with the result. As usual I try to think of a game that other people will not think of. And as usual my game is not very easy (or fun) to play. The general feedback is that it’s HARD. … Continue reading →

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Music test

For the upcoming Ludum Dare I tried a new workflow for music. Did not make a lot, but I made this: metal test with aquestone singing And I had some sorely needed practice with Reaper. By the way: the drums are inspired by the Racer X song: ‘Everythings’s Everything‘.

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Less than two weeks to go

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Ben Eath, post mortem post

Two weeks ago I made the game (term used loosely) ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’ for the Ludum Dare 29 competition. Usually people write a ‘post-mortem’ about making the game, writing about what went right what went badly, stuff like that. It’s also used to promote your game. I came up with an idea to … Continue reading →

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Another Ludum Dare done

This time the theme was ‘Beneath the surface’. The theme had been in the top 20 suggestions a few times, so I already had some ideas. I chose one and started coding. after day one I had something that looked like this: A game where you had to try to have a succesful date by … Continue reading →

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This pretty much sums it up:

It feels exactly like this:

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The results are in for the Ludum Dare #28 competition. Considering the comments my game had, I secretly hoped for a top ten result in the category ‘innovation’. I was almost there . .but I still consider 11th of almost 800 Jam competitors to be a very good result! Compared to my previous entry  there … Continue reading →

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Game feature

My Mini Ludum 45 entry ‘Helsing’s hunt’ is featured on the gallery of CBM .prg Studio , the site of the program I used to create the (Commodore 64) game. It can be found on this page: I’m still working on the game, although VERY slowly. But here’s an rough idea of the second … Continue reading →

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Ludum Dare post + solution

Another Ludum Dare finished. At the moment I’m pretty pleased with it. Not really the finished product, but good enough for now. I think I will work on it later. You can play it at:   Here are a few hints, if you get stuck. I’ve made pages so you don’t have to see … Continue reading →

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