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C64 browser plugin test

A while ago  I found a C64 emulator in javascript. I seemed an ideal substitute for the JAC64 browser plugin, because Java in the browser is hard to get working nowadays. I had a lot of trouble getting the javascript module working and performance was not very good under Chrome. It didn’t help that I had trouble … Continue reading →

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Still working on my C64 drawing tool

just broke the main functionality and have to think how to convert my old files, but there is progress. Next features will be full screen bitmap with sprites that can be positioned across the screen, expanded in the X-direction and put behind the bitmap. And some bitmap font feature would  be nice. And while working … Continue reading →

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More progress

Still working on a cross platform super hires C64 drawing program (looking for suggestions to make the description even longer). Drawing works pretty good now, just needs a bit more intelligence. I can export the sprite layer, but must work on the bitmap layer/color layer. When drawing a random line I was reminded of a seventies … Continue reading →

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Project progress

A few weeks ago I made a cartoon that was also in C64 format. I’d like to make more in that format. I tried a few programs that were good, but they never quite fitted my way of working. So I decided to make my own drawing tool. I decided on Super Hires format (hires bitmap with … Continue reading →

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Playable version Helsing’s Hunt

that is to say: when you use a broad definition of ‘playable’. You can call it pre-alpha (you can, because all games start pre alpha, right?). At EDIT: is a version online. It can be played in the browser using the Java applet, but your security settings might not let you. You can also download it … Continue reading →

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Some old experiment

I found an old experiment. The idea was to generate timed animations with sound in an easily editable format (in this case a simple string). It worked and the result wasn’t bad and it is easy to change the rhythms and add more frogs and woodpeckers. But it isn’t really usable because the timing of … Continue reading →

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Helsing’s hunt (update 2)

It’s beginning to look like a game. It has a starting screen, you can get instructions, the scrolling of the background is working, the lightning effect is working (game not suitable for people with eplilepsy). The sprites are defined and animating (although it looks like helsings hat is made of jelly). The idea of the … Continue reading →

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Helsings Hunt (update1)

I seem to be getting the hang of this assembler (C64 Program Generator). I found a few bugs (in my program AND teh assembler) and now the basis is working. This first demo can be downloaded HERE. You will need an C64 emulator to run it (VICE for instance which is free and can be … Continue reading →

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Helsings Hunt

The current mini Ludum Dare has as theme ‘Low level Jam’ and challenges you to make something with a low level programming language. You can’t get much lower than assembly, so I will try to make a game for a Commodore 64. It means, pulling out the old ‘Commodore 64 Reference Guide’ and creating pixely … Continue reading →

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I haven’t posted in a while so here’s a big one. First: another Ludum Dare entry. The theme was ‘minimalism’ which I had some difficulty with. The informal subtheme was ‘Potato’. Both are loosely woven into the game I made. It took me three days and it’s still got bugs and it has the User … Continue reading →

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