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Dance Dance Kung Fu Pixel

Not many updates lately. One of the big reasons is I tried to finish a Commodore 64 game for the Forum 64 and Protovision Game competition 2017. The whole game is done within a 12×21 pixel resolution spread across most of the screen (including the borders), by just changing the border color. While extracting the … Continue reading →

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Re-hacking the 80’s-part 7

previous part Changing the game Assembler format The last post hasn’t been that long but already I’ve made a big change: the source in the GIT repository is no longer in ACME format but KickAssembler. The difference isn’t that big at the moment (mostly changing !byte to .byte and comment start with // in stead … Continue reading →

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Re-hacking the 80’s-part 6: code online

<previous part A short post. I haven”t updated this series in a while. That happens sometimes with things like this; it’s online, you don’t know if people are reading it and there are lots of other interesting things to do as well. Twitter trigger Actually what triggered me into action was Twitter. Some Japanese person … Continue reading →

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Re-hacking the 80’s-part 5: training run

<previous part Training run For a change of pace I decided to use a few of my trainers (and my new map feature) to try and finish this game for once (never reached the end before!). At first I implemented the ‘never lose your sword’, ‘giant invulnerability’ and ‘endless lives’ trainer options. Regrettably I played … Continue reading →

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Re-hacking the 80’s- part 4

<read previous part Unbugging the past In this part I’m going to describe how I removed a ‘feature’ of the game that I consider to be a bug. Backup material But first: Maybe you imaginary readers would like to have the disassembled source I use, so I uploaded the currenty version. I still add comments … Continue reading →

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Hacking the 80’s-part 3

<previous part Music This part I’ll be writing about ripping the music from the game (‘hacking, ‘cracking’, ‘ripping’ the vocabulary of the scene sounds a bit like a pro-wrestling pre-match-rant, doesn’t it?). One of the reasons the C64 was so popular, was because of the great soundchip and the music that was produced for it. Hackers ripped … Continue reading →

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Re-hacking the 80’s-part 2

[part 1] Das computer So here’s some background about the project: First of all: The Commodore 64: it was the computer I grew up with. I loved it. It was quite popular and there were thousands of games. There is an EMORMOUS amount of information about this computer so I won’t go into that here. … Continue reading →

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Re-hacking the 80’s-part 1

What? Thirty years ago I cracked a game. This is a first post of a series about trying to improve on that piece of (in this case relatively harmless) criminal activity. Not sure if it will interest anyone or if anyone except bots is reading this blog, but I’ll just pretend there is an interested … Continue reading →

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Shaving a Yak for Christmas

A few months ago I acquired a Commodore128 computer. An old 8 bit computer from the 80’s. It came with a Star NX-10C dot matrix printer, which I didn’t really know what to do with. But with the coming holidays I thought it would be fun to print some Christmas greeting cards with it. I thought it … Continue reading →

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Someone used one of my cartoons in a blog article  about devops. Not a bad article either! It does make me curious how people find my cartoons. Maybe a simple Google search on cartoons and devops is enough. Anyway, here is the link:

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